Parties with gaming consoles – soon

In the introductory text on the homepage and in a couple od posts here in the news section of our website we were mentioning game station parties. Well we’re pleased to announce that we’re in talks with a nightclub that wants to remain nameless for now, about setting up a game station party.

Game station party in the making

For those who haven’t heard about this type of party, it’s a type of party that we setup from time to time for the younger audience.

Younger audience seems to respond quite well to this type of party. What we do is setup a couple of gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii, Xbox with a Kinect controller and we load them up with games. For this party for which we’re in talks with, the plan is to setup 12 of these gaming stations.

When playing the game, people interact, joke around, start up conversations, all things important for having a great atmosphere at a party. Younger generations seem to be interested more in this type of entertainment. It’s no surprise, since that’s what they are used to. Anyway, we are very close to sealing the deal and having this party actually go live. Stay tuned for future updates when we will know more about the exact time and date of the party.

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