Good bars in London

Being in the event planning and business gives you lots of experience when it comes to knowing bars in London where one can have a good time. Today we decided to share with our readers a list of those bars. Each one of us from the Imbide Bar team made a suggestion and we ended up with 3 bars. Two of us suggested the same bar, so there’s only 3 bars, despite there being 4 of us.

GNH Bar in King Cross Station

First up is GNH Bar that’s located in the King Cross Station. It’s a railway bar that serves drinks, food and it even has live music. You would have never guessed it that this little bar has so much to offer if someone told you its location. It’s decorated very nicely, lots of lights and glass. A very relaxing atmosphere indeed. Lots of people visit there, but there’s somehow always room to sit down and grab a meal after long travel. GNH was the bar that was picked twice, so keep that in mind when deciding where to go for a drink.


Next up is Nightjar. It’s a bar with great music and a rustic feel to it. It’s located in City Road, London. Both food and drinks are served there. There’s live music, a band, that play there at all times it seems. The whole bar aims at inciting vintage feeling in guests, and that’s exactly what it does.

Bar Soho

Last bar on the list is Bar Soho. It’s a mix between the modern and vintage. It’s a choice of a bar if you are an old soul trapped in a young body. Front of the joint is a classic bar, with bar stools, TVs, booths, while the inside has private sections with vintage seats, chairs, for the more serious gentlemen. Both drinks and food are offered.

Those are our picks. Hope you like them. Read you soon.

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