About us

Imbide Bar is a catering and event planning business from London. We are a team of 4 young entrepreneurs trying to find our place in this ever changing industry. My name is Clyde Lawrence and my partners include my friends David Cryer, Samantha Tomlin and Lorraine Mitchell.

This website is our home away from home. Here we hope to post our portfolio, explain what kind of services we offer and share our ideas for the future. Imbide Bar aims to bring modern tech into catering and event planning business. Our opinion is that event planning has become quite boring these days. This is especially true if you’re event planning for younger folk.

By using modern tech parties can become more fun. People will interact with each other, they would end up having more interesting topics to talk about, etc. We have many different party ideas that we’d like to experiment with. Make sure to visit this website occasionally to find out what we’re up to. Keep safe and cheers for now.