Welcome Imbide Bar event planning and catering company. We are a newly founded startup based in London. For the time being we are still working on setting up an actual location for our business. When I say we, I’m referring to my friends and me. Imbide team consists of me, Clyde Lawrence, and my friends David Cryer, Samantha Tomlin and Lorraine Mitchell. Basic idea of ours is to modernize the event planning business through the use of modern tech like refill alarms, party game stations and we even plan on using drones with camera in party planning. How exactly do you plan on doing that, you must be wondering. Don’t worry, everything is going to be explain in the following paragraphs. In the meantime, in case you want to learn more about drones, to be prepared when you spot them on our party – you can do it on specialised websites that are talking exclusively about drones. Such this website here.

Event planning hasn’t kept up with times

It is our opinion here at Imbide Bar that event planning hasn’t embraced modern tech as much as it should have. Planning an event still largely consists of finding a venue, ordering up food/drinks and booking a band.

That’s the standard way of event planning, and it can end up dangerously boring. This is especially true if you’re organizing an event for younger people, like sweet sixteen parties, graduation celebrations, stag dos, wedding celebrations. etc. They, the younger generations, are highly connected and entwined with technology. Trust us, we know, since that’s exactly how we are. We’re talking about things like iPhones, iPads, smartwatches, and so on. You don’t want an event where large number of participants is looking at their phone, rather than enjoying the party.

For this reason, instead of trying to fight this new trend, we here at Imbide Bar have decided to embrace it. Our team is constantly working on new ideas how to integrate modern tech into event planning. Even though we are a small company that just opened its doors, each of us has years of experience in event planning. Every one of us brings new unique ideas to the table when planning events. They are then implemented, or not, based on how feasible they are. Some of the ideas that we have had were quite a bit out there.

How do you modernize event planning?

So far we have had a couple of events where we have experimented with some of our ideas for modernizing event planning. For example recently we were working on a gig with a large number of guests. We’re talking around 500 people. It was a corporate event for a London based finance firm and our clients expected top notch service. That meant nobody was to be left with an empty glass or an empty plate. However, one of the conditions that they made is that the event needed to take place at their HQ. That was a problem since they were quite limited when it came to usable space for holding an event of this size.

Usually you setup buffets at such large events and have the people serve themselves with drinks and food. In this case there wasn’t enough room to pull something like that off. We solved the problem by setting up wireless refill alarms in strategic sectors. Either our waiters or guest themselves could have ordered food and drinks with a simple click of a button.

Another case where we integrated a tech solution, even though it was an easier one, was at a sweet sixteen party. We feared that kids would find a traditional party with just food, drinks and music boring, so we’ve setup what we call party game stations. 5 Nintendo Wiis were hooked up and people could played co-op games with each other. It’s not something overly revolutionary but it at least caused the kids to interact with one another, instead of just moping around and complaining that there is nothing to do. That happened to us at parties a couple of times and it’s the worst feeling in the world.

Our plans for the future

Most of our energies for the time are focused on finding a location where our HQ is going to be. Beyond that our hopes are to bring more modern event planning ideas to the public. I mentioned in passing that we are working on including gadgets like segways, drone with auto hover, hoverboards and other similar pieces of tech into the party planning mainstream.

Application of these gizmos in party planning would be pretty much the same like the application of party game stations. The only difference here would be that event participants would get to play with a remote controlled mini drone, or take a spin on a hoverboard.

If you think that ideas I’ve mentioned up until now are a bit out there, you should hear the ones that get rejected or that we can’t implement right now because tech doesn’t exist that would allow it function. One example would be crowd controlled lighting. We’re talking hooking up RGB lighting on a venue to iPhone or Android powered smartphones and letting the crowd control the lighting effects. We still haven’t found a company willing to implement something like this.

Final thoughts

In closing we would just like to say thank you for visiting our website. We’re going to be posting new content on a regular basis, so make sure to come back to see what we’re up to.

In case anyone would like to hire us, use the contact form on the our “Contact us” page. So far we haven’t set up social media profiles for our company. I know that not having social media presence basically means you’re dead in this day and age, but we’ve just started as a company so cut us some slack. If you need to catering for an event, or you need someone event planning, don’t hesitate to shoot us up a message. Expect a reply in a couple of days. We’re really busy but we’ll try to give a reply in a couple of days.